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Services in hotels

In the past, there were thousands of different services in a hotel, from laundry to babysitting, American buffet breakfast, single blankets, valets, porters that...

The numbering of hotel rooms

Press release for architects, engineers, surveyors and designers who do not number the rooms from the beginning of the design. The numbering of the...

The name of the hotel

Male or female? With Savoia you are never wrong. Italy, greater Italy, Rome as the sports bar. Giovannina the boarding house in Rimini. Locanda...

How to attract new guests from hotels at a B&B

Either you aim to attract new guests or aim for returns (or both, even if it is difficult), even if the location is always...

Manage a hotel

While playing Monopoly, the most profitable investment is the hotel, but who manages it? Certainly, buying a hotel is not for everyone, it is...

The best hotel managers

Even in the monopoly, the investment par excellence is the hotel so much so then I have my daughter who is graduating in law...

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